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LNP-0219 – Knox: Scherzos
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Title: Scherzos
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0219
Item type: performance set
Genre: quartet 
Instrumentation: horn, violin, cello, piano
Duration: 12:03
ISBN-13: 9781631620409
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Comments: Performance set includes piano/score, horn, violin and cello parts.The composer says: "Scherzos was commissioned and first performed by the Atlanta Chamber Players in 1993. Paula Peace is the artistic director of the Atlanta Chamber Players, that city's oldest existing chamber music ensemble. Four instruments horn, violin, cello and piano present three "scherzos" three times. The scherzos (the terms is used very loosely here) are in turn bright, pompous and romantic and are heard alternating in a single movement. The resulting form could be considered variations on three themes: A B C A' B' C' A" B" C" coda A motive whose first four pitches resemble the "dies irae" (no programmatic significance) is the basis of the second (pompous) scherzo. The coda grows out of the final presentation of the third (romantic) scherzo. ~Charles Knox

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