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LNP-0226 – Knox: Prelude and Fugue
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Title: Prelude and Fugue
Composer: Charles Knox
Catalog #: LNP-0226
Item type: performance set
Genre: duo 
Instrumentation: violoncello, piano
Duration: 3:55
ISBN-13: 9781631620478
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Comments: Prelude and Fugue was composed in 1986 for Dorothy and Cary Lewis, who premiered the work the same year. The two movements of this brief composition are played without pause.
   Though conservative and tonal (the tonality of at least the beginning and conclusion is D Major), the composition is nevertheless stylistically contemporary. Suggesting the rhythms of the Baroque French overture, the Prelude employs chromatically shifting melodies and triadic harmonies. The opening theme begins in the cello's lowest register to the accompaniment of harmonies arpeggiated in contrary motion by the piano. The roles of solo and accompaniment soon reverse, and it may be observed throughout both movements that the work features the two instruments equally. After a more subdued middle section, the strong rhythms of the beginning return and eventually lead directly to the Fugue. The fugue's subject initially is an irregular repetition on one pitch (D) for eight bars of duple meter. Its first two statements are given to the cello arco; the cello also plays the counter-subject pizzicato. During the course of the piece, in which statements band episodes alternate in the traditional fugal procedure, the one-pitch subject gradually evolves into a melody in the original rhythm. The climax of the movement is reached in a stretto on a harmonized version of the original one-pitch subject. After a flurry of descending scales and fragmentary suggestions of the subject the fugue ends with a simple statement of the subject by the piano. ~Charles Knox

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